Primary School STEM programs in Nature & Sustainability

Set in a beautiful garden landscape in Yinnar, Gippsland, the Max BioCare Research Parks have developed an engaging program of sustainability-focused, hands-on science for primary school students.​​

This program is a collaborative effort between Max Biocare’s health professionals and scientists; and the local communities, including science teachers, bee keepers, professional counsellor, who are all determined to share their passion with future generations. ​

Aimed at nurturing children’s natural curiosity for nature and ability to care for it, the program is fully aligned with the Victorian curriculum. It is our hope that after visiting, students will develop an increased sense of awareness and empowerment to care for the world around them.

Programs on offer

Max Biocare Research Parks have developed a series of programs centered on the local environment,  including:

These programs will be delivered by experienced beekeepers and qualified education instructors. ​All health and safety measurements are put in place as required for an education establishment.

The Park’s Offerings

In addition to an indoor learning facility, students will have the opportunity to experience nature in a sustainable, diversified, permaculture garden system endowed with:

  • Thousands of medicinal plant varieties, including indigenous and exotic species
  • Hundreds of trees, including fruit trees and re-established indigenous plants
  • Growing and flourishing bee colonies
  • A growing population of indigenous birds and wildlife enjoying the diverse environment that has been created
  • 4500m2 of water surface area, supporting an increasing diversity of water-bound wildlife

How to register with us

For more information please email to