Research Project: Safety, efficacy and tolerability of a combination micronutrient and polyherbal preparation (GoutFighterTM) for gout: A single-arm open-label pilot study

In 2017, a collaborative clinical study between the Research and Innovation Platform at the MBCI and the National Hospital of Traditional Medicine in Vietnam, investigated the safety, efficacy and tolerability of GoutFighterTM for the treatment of gout induced pain, inflammation and hyperuricemia.

GoutFighterTM is a TGA listed formulation containing tart cherry, celery, devil’s claw, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B9. These ingredients were included because evidence from traditional medicine practice as well as current research indicates that these candidates may be independently beneficial in the prevention and/or treatment of hyperuricemia and gout.

The results of the clinical trial are under review for publication in an International scientific journal and will become available shortly.