Research Project: Evaluating the effectiveness of Tregocel®, a natural herbal formulation for relieving mild osteoarthritis (OA) symptoms.

Project Details

This study will assess the overall performance of participants with symptomatic mild knee OA after taking Tregocel® as a dietary supplement (in addition to standard OA management techniques).

Tregocel® is a combination of herbs (curcumin as Meriva®, frankincense, devil’s claw, celery, and ginger) which, as a dietary supplement, may help maintain optimal health in joints. Although some studies have reported beneficial effects of individual components, there have been no clinical assessments of supplementation with Tregocel® ingredients in combination with one another. This study will involve the collection of data on the effect of Tregocel® supplementation in participants with symptomatic mild knee OA and who are already receiving standard pharmacological treatment.

This study is registered with the U.S National Library of Medicine and recruitment of participants is occurring in local hospitals in Poland.