About MBC Research Park

Max Biocare’s deep interest in scientifically validated, natural medicines, and our love of nature has inspired us to branch out further towards diversifying what we do, through establishment of the Max Biocare Research Park.

Located in Yinnar, in the picturesque pastoral hinterland of South-West Gippsland, The Max Biocare Research Park embodies all our guiding principles of evidence-based, naturally-inspired, sustainable and practical innovation, all in the one location.


Our History

Max Biocare Institute (MBCI) was born from Max Biocare’s firm belief that science and an evidence-based approach are the foundation of effective healthcare and wellbeing, in their dedication to design and develop naturally derived health and nutrition products for better health, wellness and beauty.

We are dedicated to helping people understand the science behind how ingredients and products work, and not just taking our word for it.

Our fundamentals are very similar to principles used in pharmaceutical and medical practice.

Max Biocare Research Park

Land restoration

In-keeping with the traditional use of the land, part of it includes restoration of native habitat, through planting of indigenous shrubs and trees that will promote native wildlife, and contribute to the local ecosystems. This will be complemented by our extensive use of flowering plants and trees with medicinal properties, to support local bees and insect pollinators.

Sustainable re-development

In line with its historical use, the remaining land features sustainably grown agricultural plantations, with more than 1000 species of herbs and flowering plants and water catchments. This diversity of plants and bee colonies provides added educational opportunities, such as learning about permaculture and beekeeping techniques.

Max Biocare Research Park is dedicated to

Research and development, as well as production of our own unique, research-based and scientifically validated range of botanical ingredients that can be utilized in products that help people live happier, healthier lives.


The mysterious world of mycology – this is the study of mushrooms, which has its own specific group in between plants and animals. While we best know them as a source of food and nutrition, many varieties are have been used in traditional medicines for centuries. They can be used as ingredients in functional foods, medicines and personal care products for both humans and animals.


Our commitment to a sustainable future  starts with our hands and our research. We take great care to protect the land and resources that we work with, ensuring that we control every step in the processes that we put in place.

Environmental restoration and biodiversity

Intensive farming practices around the globe are gradually damaging the native biodiversity of plant species, which is harming the environment and contributing to problems such as climate change, land degradation and compromised health of plant pollinators.

At Max Biocare Research Park, a comprehensive selection of plants from all over the world has been established with a view to preserving biodiversity. By nurturing threatened or rare and heirloom plant species, we are playing a small but important part in future-proofing the environment globally.

The Park also focuses on native revegetation, by propagating local native species that were once abundant before land use changed to farming and pastures.

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