Health Topics

As part of our mission to educate, Max Biocare Institute has an ongoing commitment to informing and explaining about health issues that affect all members of the family and all age groups. Understanding ourselves and our own health situation better is more important than ever.

Parents’ and kids’ health and nutrition

This is such a wide-ranging area that we are constantly amazed at how many topics there are to talk about. We spend a lot of time behind the scenes providing easy to understand information about this general area, with a special focus on mums and bubs nutrition, growth, development and parenting.

We have an established panel of experts in different areas of health and research who actively contribute to providing up-to-date topics.

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Healthy aging

As our quality of life improves, and our life expectancy increases, our population of older age groups will continue to increase. We provide factual and educational materials on what goes on during the aging process, and sometimes what goes off! Special interest areas include muscle and skeletal health, immunity and cardiovascular function, nutrition and more indepth medical issues.

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