Our Research Activities

Botanicals for new therapeutics

Max Biocare is currently developing a comprehensive portfolio of plant species known for their therapeutic properties. These potentially therapeutic plants are farmed sustainably, with minimal disturbance of the surrounding land.

Research projects will draw from our background in natural medicines and supplements toward improving the lives of people with acute and chronic health problems.


Herbs for nutritional and personal care

Our herb plantation contains a selection of local and imported cultivars being evaluated for their nutritional profiles, antioxidant content and general culinary uses.

The team is also investigating the possibility of incorporating locally-grown species into new products that will add value to the local area and economy.

Nurturing a newly established bee colony is turning into a labor of love for our farmers. We aim to develop new varieties of medicinal honey for industry and commercial use.

Uncommon plants for common uses

Max Biocare aims to maintain the spirit of innovation within the natural medicine and supplement fields, and so we are committed to aiding the community by investigating all possible sources of benefit. From mushrooms to mountain plants, the research park is and will be housing a wide variety of uncommon plant species that will form the basis of a large variety of research projects.


University Collaborations

The Max Biocare research team works in collaboration with leading natural medicine and pharmaceutical researchers in Victoria and New South Wales. We also aim to foster new collaborations with research groups that follow similar research principles to those of the Max Biocare research team.