Our Objectives & Activities

The Research Park is modelled on organic, environmentally friendly, and sustainable principles. The property includes a water catchment, solar panels, and establishment of a self-contained ecosystem, to maintain the natural ideals embedded within the goals of the park.


Novel botanicals with nutritional and therapeutic benefits

A number of plant species are being cultivated for use in research projects, with a view to producing botanicals that can be used in a variety of nutritional and therapeutic products.


Sustainable re-development

To keep with historical uses of the land, part of the park is dedicated to improving farming and agriculture, aligned with Max Biocare’s goals in returning parts of the land to plantation areas.

Additionally, avoidance of tilling and chemical fertilizers are achieved through the use of green manure crops, including legumes, brassicas and other species. These crops help improve soil structure, encourage water retention, and preserve the composition of soil minerals.


Land restoration

In keeping with the traditional use of the land, portion of the original native habitat is being restored, through planting of native shrubs and grasses that will promote native and ecosystem regeneration.