Max Biocare participates in the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) 2018 Annual Health Professional Seminar

Max Biocare is pleased to be the silver sponsor at the Australian Breastfeeding Association’s annual health professional seminar “Breastfeeding: science to practice”. The seminar was held in 3 major cities across Australia from 13-16th March.

The seminar in Melbourne was attended by the Max Biocare senior management team, Tom van Wunnik (Co-Founding and Technical Director), George Thouas (Head of Research and Development) and Shveta Mehta (Head of Regulatory Affairs).

During the seminar, the Max Biocare team chatted with attendees, which included nurses, lactation consultants, midwives, and health professionals. The nurses had specialized clinical experience in lactation, and they worked closely with new mothers who were learning how to breastfeed, or had problems with breastfeeding.

The nurses were interested to discover our natural herbal ProLactation formula for lactating mothers. Tom, George and Shveta discussed with them the evidence-based research for ProLactation ingredients, and explained how ProLactation can help mothers improve milk production and secretion.

Around 800 health professionals attended the ABA annual seminar in Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland. Every attendee received a Max Biocare gift pack. This included research information about ProLactation, product catalogue, and a Little Emperor Book for children.

We look forward to getting involved with future Australian Breastfeeding Association seminars.