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MBCI Clinic

Located in South Yarra in Melbourne, the MBCI clinic provides the community with access to complementary health practitioners.

The clinic focuses on a holistic approach to healthcare and offers treatment for both common conditions and chronic disease.

Please view our MBCI Clinic Page to make a booking or to find out more information.

MBCI Research and Innovation

The Research and Innovation Platform at MBCI focuses on the research and development of effective and safe evidence-based complementary medicines.

Our research facilities are purpose-built to investigate nutraceuticals and natural cosmetics and we are committed to conducting this research with local and international partners.

Please view our MBCI Research and Innovation Page for more information.

MBCI Education

The MBCI aims to educate and raise awareness of evidence-based complementary medicines and their role in contemporary healthcare.

To achieve this aim, the MBCI provides education through seminars, training and media releases.

Please view our MBCI Education Page for more information.

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