About MCBI

Our Mission

Max Biocare Institute (MBCI) is the research and education arm of the Max Biocare Group, solidifying our commitment to evidence-based research as the backbone of our health and nutrition products and services and extending further into our community outreach. It is our belief that the more we can promote and grow understanding of natural medicine and nutrition, the more we can support our mission to help people to live happier and healthier lives.

We are committed to fostering and disseminating the latest scientific research to a global audience and supporting healthcare professionals and the wider community to stay up to date on the evidence, efficacy, safety and quality of our ingredients and products. We do this by:

  • Investing in research projects amongst our diverse areas of interests including women’s health, children’s health, reproductive health and healthy aging.
  • Research, development and generation of our own novel, scientifically validated range of botanical ingredients at our Research Parks.
  • Providing access to an extensive library of articles and converting research into valuable resources.
  • Collaborating with professional groups such as professional scientists, researchers, technical specialists, healthcare professionals, regulatory bodies and industry groups.

Our fundamentals are very similar to principles used in pharmaceutical and medical practice. They drive our integrity, our commitment to science and innovation and to helping people.


Our ingredients and products are tested and verified to make sure they are not harmful before they are suitable for use. We collaborate with regulatory agencies, monitoring bodies and professional organisations to implement appropriate risk-based controls including adequate qualification of all facilities, equipment, processes, procedures, test methods and suppliers.


We ensure ingredients and products meet accepted global standards for quality, including purity, cleanliness and composition. We continuously improve our processes and set standards that exceed regulatory requirements.


We ensure ingredients and products have measurable effects that address health issues, support healing and provide health protection. This information is derived from clinical research studies and scientific publications and complemented by feedback from customers and post-market reviews.


We aim to empower people with evidence-based research and deliver practical knowledge and resources on ingredients and products, why they are used, how they work, and what the safety concerns are. We welcome and facilitate connections, generate discussion and relevant conversations.

Determination of Quality, Safety & Efficacy relies on precisely measuring an outcome, based on the scientific method, rather than estimating it. For education, we believe that we never stop learning and improving, whatever our age or level of education.


Our R&D Process

The foundation of all our products is research. With a diverse and comprehensive range of scientific expertise, our research and development scientists are focused on creating innovative, naturally-derived raw materials and products.

We study nature closely and apply a careful balance of evidence-based understanding and sustainable practices in all our activities, towards making down-to-earth, real-world impacts on human health.

Our processes are iterative and guided by the key fundamentals of quality, effectiveness and safety. We try very hard to tick all these boxes.

Premium Ingredients

We carefully select only reputable, trusted ingredients, many of which are patented, trademarked and clinically proven, to ensure quality, efficacy & safety.

Quality Management System (QMS)

Based on 20+ years’ of scientific expertise, we follow our own stringent quality control process, compliant with international pharma and nutrition standards.

Reliable, safe & effective Products

We invest heavily into independent research trials to ensure our products are effective, plus voluntary toxicity and stability testing to ensure safety and shelf-stability.


The Max Biocare difference

At the heart of everything we do, we are committed to our promise to deliver Evidenced Based, Natural, and Trustworthy products.


To realize our promise to our partners, patients, and consumers, and in particular the promises of product efficacy, safety, and value, we rely on a systematic, rigorous evidence-based approach.

We are dedicated to methodically and critically evaluating the best available evidence during our research and development process, and investing in clinical trials wherever possible. This level of stringency is also applied to our unique quality management system.


Driven by the same purpose of keeping our promise to our partners, patients, and consumers, we meticulously search for and develop the best ingredients, materials and practices in our operations and production, to bring out the best ingredients and products.

We are passionate about what nature has to offer

We are in awe of nature and its ability to heal, regenerate and rejuvenate. Driven by our fascination with the use of natural products for natural therapies, we constantly strive to reinforce traditional knowledge with evidence from modern research.

Why are natural ingredients better than synthetic chemicals?

We always prefer to use ingredients and raw materials from natural sources, from our own supplies, or from other reliable, research-backed sources.

Natural ingredients have many added advantages, such as being able to cater to a wider range of actions than single active chemicals or drugs. They may have fewer unwanted effects, and many have proven safe to use alongside conventional substances.

Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We think of it as a responsibility to our stake-holders and ourselves, rather than a chore. The purity and quality of natural ingredients depends on many factors, including organic growing practices, protecting the land from overuse and drawing from renewable energy and water resources. Learn more >>


Most of our partners have been with us since day one.

Trust is built on our promises being delivered and kept. By being consistent with what we promise to our suppliers, people who distribute or use our products, and our own teams, we are paying it forward.

Trust begins with:

  • Our dedication to product and ingredient quality, through our scientific, evidence-based ethos
  • Our preference for natural, sustainable choices and practices
  • The integrity with which we conduct our business.

Areas of Research

Based on our collective 150 years of experience and expertise in pharmaceutical and medical sciences, research and therapeutic translation, as well as on the vast range of products that we have developed and the diverse areas of health that we cover with those products, we have grouped our interests into five main catergories.

  • Naturally Derived Ingredients
  • Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals
  • Food & Nutrition Products
  • Skin & Personal Care Products
  • Petcare Essentials

Naturally Derived Ingredients

Research activities at our Research Parks are currently focused on creating innovative, naturally derived raw materials that translate into ingredients for new products and health applications.

“Doing it ourselves” means that we can choose which species to produce, how to grow them, and how to tailor their composition and purity. This gives us both flexibility and more control over the entire process, from start to finish.

Our controlled mushroom facility aims to cultivate a range of certified organic mushrooms for medicinal and nutritional uses. Our outdoor plantations contain more than 1000 different varieties of herbs and flowering plants. These have the added benefit of improving the local floral biodiversity, to enhance the health of our bee colonies and improve the sustainability and quality of their unique products.


Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals

As reflected in Max Biocare’s product range in different health categories on the international market, our areas of research interest have become quite diverse, and this is indicated by our research publication.

We also have developed more focused and specialized areas of interest over the years, and these have included:

  • Women’s health
  • Fertility & Pregnancy support
  • Children’s health
  • Aging health

Towards these areas, we aim to maintain our use of patented, proprietary ingredients that are backed by clinical research. Learn more about patented ingredients >> as well as our own medicinal ingredients including organic mushroom extracts, herbal raw materials, and honeybee products.

Because our stringent quality management system that is based on Max Biocare’s adherence to pharmaceutical principles, we can ensure that our ingredient and product standards are of the highest possible quality.


Towards these areas, we aim to maintain our use of patented, proprietary ingredients that are backed by clinical research. Learn more about patented ingredients >> as well as our own medicinal ingredients including organic mushroom extracts, herbal raw materials, and honeybee products.

Because our stringent quality management system that is based on Max Biocare’s adherence to pharmaceutical principles, we can ensure that our ingredient and product standards are of the highest possible quality.


Food & Nutrition Products

The Little Étoile family of products is an example of our diversification into children’s nutrition, recognizing that nutrition through food has many similarities to nutrients delivery as supplements.

With the help of our own nutritionists and health practitioners, we are planning to conduct further research in this area, as it grows with us, and as our Research Park “bears fruit”.

Functional food ingredients include different varieties of honey, organic mushrooms and botanical raw materials, all intended for on-site production to a food standard quality.


Skin & Personal Care Products

The Belmarama family of products is proof of our dedication to this growing area. It also combines the principles of skin health and general health, because how we look is often a reflection of our overall health, our immune system, our state of aging and our sense of emotional well-being.

Our own organic medicinal mushroom, herb raw materials and honeybee products will make a valuable contribution to this area as we move forward.


Petcare Essentials

Our furry companions are more than just freinds, they are part of the family. For animal healthcare, we apply the same quality and evidence-based standards as we use in human healthcare ingredient and product development. Pets have a unique physiology and life cycle that is similar to humans, but in many ways is specific to thier own species. We recognise this through our newly developed Pawlavie(R) family of specialised healthcare solutions.


MBc group

The MBc group is comprised of a family of brands that offer an extensive selection of products and solutions to help families protect and support their health and wellbeing. Research is essential to making sure that our products continue to perform as reliably and effectively as promised.


Max Biocare

Pharmaceuticals/ Complementary Medicines
Includes supplements, nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical products
Using naturally derived materials that have been clinically and scientifically validated, and patented
More than 100 products sold across Australian and more than 12 countries
Covering 10 key health areas
3 product categories
Features clinically trialed products

Little Étoile

Nutrition (Organic Baby food
Infant, Toddler & Mothers Nutritional Milk Formula)
Includes infants’ and children’s nutrient milk formulas and baby food products
9 different products
Covering 5 key health areas
Certified organic options
Using recyclable packaging
Features an intensive batch-to-batch allergen testing program


Dermatologically Tested Skincare
Includes 3 specialist facial serums made from naturally derived ingredients
Suitable for all skin types
Unique, highly stable capsule ampoules made from sustainable and biodegradable materials
Features clinically trialed products