About Max Biocare Research Park

With a deep interest in natural medicines, Max Biocare established the Max Biocare Research Park initiative, with the aim of developing new research-based and ethically produced botanical ingredients.

Located on a privately held 4.5 ha. garden estate in Yinnar, in the rolling hills of South-West Gippsland, the Research Park provides an idyllic environment to explore new planting techniques and plant science methods, while fostering education and research about the environment and sustainability.


We engage with local horticultural groups to utilize new plant varieties, while also remediating the land back to its original state.

With a strong focus on research and development into therapeutic products, especially those made with herbal extracts, the team at Max Biocare aims to validate the medicinal and nutritional properties of selected plant species.


Through a stepwise approach involving thorough research practices and a shared vision to help the community, the research park offers a unique local opportunity to combine modern scientific theory with natural product development.

Environmental restoration and biodiversity

Intensive farming practices around the globe are gradually damaging the native biodiversity of plant species, which is harming the environment and contributing to problems such as climate change and land degradation.

We are creating a comprehensive selection of plants from all over the world with a view to preserving biodiversity. By nurturing threatened or rare and heirloom plant species, we are playing a small but important part in future-proofing the environment globally.

At the same time, we are focusing on native revegetation, by propagating local native species that were once abundant before land use changed to farming and pastures.